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Leicester Protest Supports Historic Strike at McDonald’s

Workers at two McDonald’s restaurants based in South East London and Cambridge undertook a successful strike action on 4 September. This strike represents the first action of its kind within the British branches of the fast-food chain.

Following similar protests that have taken place last year, on Monday around thirty people joined the Bakers Union in a protest outside McDonalds in Leicester city centre to show their support for the historic strike.


Photo by Lukasz Bemka

In an effort to link up with employees in other countries the strike was chosen to coincide with the US Labor Day holiday. The strike follows on from another protest that took place outside McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley, London, on 2 September.

The striking workers were demanding better wages of £10 an hour, an end to zero hours contracts and union recognition. Local Bakers Union organiser George Atwall said:

“We mustn’t forget the gains that can be made from a small number of determined workers, even when they are organising against the world’s largest restaurant chain. It took the threat of today’s strike action to encourage McDonald’s to finally make good on their former promise to offer guaranteed-hours contracts to all employees. McDonald’s boasts about its new “Red Leicester Melts” but they still refuse to recognise our union or pay their workers a real living wage of at least £10 an hour. We hope that McDonalds workers locally are encouraged to join the BFAWU to make their collective voice stronger.”

Sofia Wiking, a member of Leicester Young Socialists explained:

“Inspired by principled leaders like Jeremy Corbyn, young workers across the world are becoming increasingly confident. They are getting together in trade unions and demanding that they be treated as humans not as robots. We are protesting in Leicester to support the McDonald’s strikers. Strike action clearly works, which is why big businesses are so opposed to their employees organising together within unions.”

Listen to radio interview here, and watch the following video…


Photo by Lukasz Bemka



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