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Corbyn Was Right to Sack Blairite Trio

The following letter was published in the Leicester Mercury on July 3.

Many Corbyn supporters who voted for remain in the EU referendum last year are uncertain about how to react to the sacking of frontbench Labour MPs over their support for the Single Market. The reason for this is the lack of clarity Corbyn has put forward since he was elected as Labour leader in 2015. Despite historically opposing the EU, Corbyn ended up supporting a remain vote after being blackmailed by the Blairites.

But the significant gains made by Labour in the General Election have now given Corbyn a mandate to forge a different path.

Corbyn’s radical manifesto, which pledges to nationalise key sections of British industry, would be illegal within the confines of the Single Market. The Single Market is committed to cuts and privatisation. This is why Corbyn is now taking a stand.

One issue which seems to confound this argument, is the presence of state-run industry in many EU member states.

It is said that this is evidence that nationalisation is in keeping with the principles of the Single Market. This is simply not true.

Like any capitalist institution, the EU cannot break up a state monopoly if the balance of forces is not in their favour. This is, for instance, why the Tories have always held back from outright privatisation of the NHS. To do so, they fear, could provoke a mass insurrection.

And yes, the same is true the other way around. The EU would not be able to stop a determined socialist government, supported by a mass movement of workers, which was willing to break the laws of the Single Market.

But why, given a choice, would a socialist government voluntarily remain a part of an institution that is committed to cuts and privatisation?

Corbyn is 100% right to sack the Blairite saboteurs, who continue to spin lies about the EU and undermine him at every turn.

Corbyn must fight for a workers’ Brexit, supporting the rights of EU nationals to remain in the UK and opposing the bosses EU.

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Leicester Mercury July 3 2017

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