“Let’s hope that June is the end of May.”

GUEST POST: This following letter was authored by one of Leicester’s former TUSC councillors, Wayne Naylor, and was sent to the Leicester Mercury mailbox in late May and was not published by the newspaper.

Corbyn speaking in Gateshead


As the election comes closer and politics is ever more in turmoil, it’s worth looking at why changes happen.

Previously, myself and many others promoted the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) an alternative to Labour. But TUSC took the decision not to put up Parliamentary Candidates for this General Election so as not to oppose Jeremy Corbyn.

For all the internal problems with the Labour Party, to wake up on June 9th to five more years of the Conservatives would be a disaster. For people like me with health issues, for people with disabilities, for those struggling to find real work and those supported by benefits for whatever reason, the future of lives really are at stake.

With people’s needs always being considered secondary to business and financial security, there has never been a more important time in this country for Socialism than now. Something is wrong when even families in work cannot afford to live.

Under Tory misrule, Brexit, which was the people’s democratic choice is being shambolically carried through by a party trying to get “the best out of it” for the 1% highest earners, not the 99% of real people who will suffer for their meddling.

Jeremy Corbyn offers hope to many people, who stands by people trying to get out of poverty, seeing the need for real change not hollow promises. With massive popular support, the Labour Party’s internal problems could be remedied if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. Those Labour councillors and MPs that are still condemning him will have two choices, accept that the country wants him as Leader and shut up, or go their own way.

Let’s hope that June is the end of May. A vote for Corbyn will be a vote for ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities. We must fight on to make sure that the Labour Party grows in strength under Corbyn’s strong and democratic leadership and becomes the true party of the people.

Wayne Naylor — Leicester Independent Councillors Against Cuts (TUSC)

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